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ReFlex+ Pressure Sensor (0-150psi)

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This 0-150 psi (0-10 Bar) sensor is safe for fuel pressure, exhaust gas back pressure, oil pressure, coolant pressure, and more. Paired with an ATM 2 Pin connector it is Plug-n-Play to your MOTIV ReFlex.


  • 0-10 Bar Sensor
  • ATM 2 Pin PnP Connector

The MOTIV REFLEX 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor can monitor low pressure fuel, oil pressure, coolant pressure, exhaust gas back pressure and many others. The REFLEX uses a sensor that provides a current which is proportional the pressure. Our sensor includes a 3/8” SAE EFI adapter with 1/8” NPT ports for the sensor to be axed to. If you are using it for any other pressure source, then you will need to have an 1/8” NPT port for it to screw into (always use thread paste or Teflon tape on NPT threads). Simply connect the 2 pin connector on the main REFLEX harness to the 2 pin connector on the pressure sensor. Pin 23 on the REFLEX is setup for the pressure input signal from our pressure sensor and the other is a 12v+ switched supply