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REFLEX+ with harness for LTx applications

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TooHighPsi Engineering has teamed up with the controller experts at MOTIV Motorsports to release an affordable 'plug and play' solution for adding sequential hybrid port injection for your GM Gen V engines!

The MOTIV REFLEX+ is a versatile controller that has been configured specifically for the GM Gen V direct-injected V8 engine family (hardware and software). This system utilizes the vehicle's high speed CAN bus to acquire the majority of the inputs required to control the hybrid port injection for an easy install with minimal connections. 

Our latest firmware release in March 2024 adds more capability to this proven system as highlighted below.

Key REFLEX+ features include:

  • 8-cylinder Sequential Port Injection control 
  • MAF controlled fueling that utilizes the same calculation techniques as the E92 Powertrain controller, resulting in easy tuning and perfect control of A/F ratio across all operating points.
  • Full 'Plug- and-Play' wiring harnesses utilizing USCAR injector connectors - no cutting or splicing, and only 6 connections required.
  • Advanced I/O Integration via CAN bus with four additional outputs and four additional inputs that can be configured and mapped to output on/off, digital, analog, frequency, and/or PWM signals for control over devices such as Fuel Pumps, Methanol Injection Kits, Nitrous Kits, Boost Controllers, Relay Triggers
  • Closed loop Lambda feedback for optimal fueling control under all conditions - pigtail connector included.
  • NEW! Boost control via front wheel speed/gear/ethanol content.
  • NEW! Port Fuel Injector correction for fuel pressure, offset, and battery voltage.
  • NEW! Individual Cylinder Port Fuel Trim
  • New! Aux Outputs updated to allow X-Axis: MAP or Throttle % and Y-Axis: Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed
  • NEW! MAP based tuning option for customers preferring speed/density calibration.

Included in the box are a MOTIV ReFlex+ controller, LTx vehicle harness, injector harness, and lambda pigtail conector

REFLEX+ Installation Support Videos
and Software/Firmware downloads can be found in our TECH CENTER on the TooHighPsi website.  

For ground-vehicle use in a controlled environment.