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TooHighPsi Performance

C7 Corvette - LT1/LT4 10 rib Supercharger Tensioner Upgrade

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Our 10 rib pulleys, idlers, and upgraded tensioner with billet bracket will keep your supercharger making full boost to the end of the track!

The TooHighPsi upgraded SC Belt Drive System offers:

  • 30% more peak belt tension
  • 15% more belt length takeup (travel)
  • 48% larger tensioner shaft and bearings for robust belt control. 

Upgrade includes:

  • Billet tensioner bracket in raw aluminum finish
  • LT5 Belt Tensioner with smooth idler
  • 2 each 6061 billet 10 rib idlers with high speed/load double row bearings
  • 1 smooth 6061 billet idler with high speed/load double row bearing
  • Bolts and necessary hardware

TooHighPsi 10rib drive systems utilize a +2 arrangement (additional 2 ribs are forward of the standard 8 rib).

Does not include 10 rib crank pulley or 10 rib supercharger pulley.

10 rib 15% overdrive Crank Pulley for C7 Corvette is available here.