Camaro/CTSV Fuel Line Routing

Camaro/CTSV Fuel Line Routing

A couple of images to help you with Camaro/CTSV fuel line routing. 
Fuel enters the system from the front passengers side of the engine.
It then travels through a tee at the front of the passengers side rail
and also crosses over to the drivers side fuel rail.
This view shows the rear of the rail where the flex fuel sensor is mounted on the  back of the passengers side of the car, then travels through a tee (connecting the drivers side rail before making it's way to the high side DI pump.
This picture and the next better shows the fittings
needed in the rear of the engine.
We don't recommend using the plastic locking quick connection fittings on a running engine, we use them for quick layout work.
The component list below will outline the components needed but links will show the screw on fittings - which is the better choice for your fuel system. 

Here's what we used:

Fitting to connect to the stock fuel line

4ea fitting to connect to the fuel supply at firewall, flex fuel sensor,
and the high-pressure DI fuel pump

1ea PTFE fuel line kit

2ea additional 90-degree PTFE hose ends

 90 degree coupling for the back side of passenger fuel rail.

 1ea one of these tees for the front passenger side fuel rail For the Camaro we feed both fuel rails from the front (tee above on the passenger's side fuel rail)

1ea to tee together the flex fuel sensor, drivers side rail,
and then feed the high-pressure fuel pump.

You want the fuel to travel through the rails first, then the flex fuel sensor, then feed the high-pressure DI fuel pump.

If you'd like a Video Tour of this layout click below.

Video of fuel system layout

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