REFLEX+ 6.3x Software/Firmware Package

REFLEX+ 6.3x Software/Firmware Package

REFLEX+ 6.3x Software and Firmware released in March 2024

All new boxes ship with this firmware pre-installed.

For use with all REFLEX+ controllers (select correct software/firmware below based off of Reflex+ box serial number)

- Adds Boost Control for Positive Displacement Supercharger or Turbocharger based off vehicle speed, gear position, and ethanol content.
- Port Injector Fuel pressure and Injector Offset Corrections
- Individual Cylinder Port Fuel Trim,
- Option for MAP based fueling on Speed Density converted cars 

Download REFLEX+ 6.3x FIRMWARE for serial numbers 4999 and below

Download REFLEX+ 6.3x FIRMWARE for serial numbers 5000 and higher

Download REFLEX+ 6.3x SOFTWARE (XDF and ADX)

Download the Latest Version of TunerPro RT here

Download the MOTIV Firmware Bootloader here

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