ReFlex+ Lambda Input Connection Guide

ReFlex+ Lambda Input Connection Guide

To connect your WideBand Oxygen Sensor to the Reflex for closed loop control, you"ll first need to find the Input #3 on the ReFlex+ Harness. It is the 3 pin connector that has a green, black and orange wire connecting to it.

You'll need a Deutsch 3 pin male connector/pigtail to make this connection. All ReFlex controllers shipped after April 1st, 2023 include a connector. For earlier boxes, we have them available on our website here.

This connector will have 2 wires, green and black. 

Mate this connector to the ReFlex+ harness as shown, the wire colors of the pigtail will align with the same colors in your ReFlex+ harness.

Connect your Wideband 0-5 Volt output to the pigtail, green is positive (+) and black is negative (-). If your wideband controller only has one output wire for the 0-5v output connect it to the green wire (+).

Once connection is completed - setup your wideband in Tuner Pro based off sensor calibration curve provided by your wideband controller manufacturer.

(Image below shows the settings for the Innovate LC-2 controller)

Location of this data in Tuner Pro can be found by clicking here to watch the Lambda Setup video in our YouTube Channel.

Happy Racing!

The TooHighPsi Team


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