Finally got a video card that will allow me to create some mpegs.
As I have time I will be adding fun stuff from all of the cars on my page, Enjoy!


An oldie but goodie - a pair of great burnouts with a car I loved, the original Twin Turbo T-Bird. Click on the links below to download the files.

    Burnout #1 (1.25 Mb wmv)

    Burnout #2 (1.06 Mb wmv)





Click here to see a .MOV of the SCTC making a mid 6 second 1/8 mile pass (4.7 Mb)

This pass was during a Ford event at Englishtown, I was running beside Wayne Yarnell's 10 second blown modular COBRA convertible. (Video only - NO sound, it was taken by Bob Stuart with my little Olympus Camera)



Bob's (Lunatic) fastest pass to date - 9.829 @ 137.78. Click on the link below to download the MPEG file.

Bob 9 second pass (948 Kb wmv)



A view of the SCTC travelling thru the top end on a 10.6 pass at Englishtown

SCTC at the top end (916 Kb wmv)

A couple videos of Dad running on Drag radials, the first is a quick burnout on the Radials (which happen to be Bob's, I can still remember seeing the Lunatic cringe as Dad was heating the tires). The second video is of dad making a 10.5 pass. If you take notice, there is no way to hear CJ's TT over the open header car beside him.

Dad's Burnout (628 Kb wmv)

Dad's Pass (1.08 Mb wmv)