Our 1993 Taurus SHO

This is my wife's 1993 SHO, behind it is my daily driver 87 TC, and to the right is
my 88 TC Project car.

 Singing (or is that screaming) in the rain.

It's a 5 speed, leather, JBL, and currently box stock. Expect some form of forced induction
as soon as I can manage to get my greedy fingers on it.

 My wife, the kids, and our SHO

I finally got a chance to take the SHO to the track and this is what it ran, a 15.48 @ 91.44 MPH.
This was my 4th and last pass I made, my first was a 16.8 and they got progressively better from that point. If I had a few more passes I'm sure a high 14 would have been possible (need to work on that 60 ft) but I was very happy with the times regardless. If I ever run it again I'll have to remember to lower the front tire pressure and empty the trunk, a couple of things I forgot to do last time.


Sold the SHO

Our SHO is gone :(....... After finally realizing that I owned just a couple too many vehicles, we decided that it might be better to get one vehicle that could replace two of them, since the SHO wasn't capable of towing the race car (very important) it was the first to go. I think I'm going to end up selling my van as well and possibly get an SUV or truck capable of hauling the wife and kids around on a daily basis as well as use as a tow vehicle on the weekend. Here are a couple final shots of the car taken on the morning that I drove it to PA to deliver it, hopefully it's new owner, Jamie, will enjoy it as much as we did.

Fortunately my wife took very good car of her vehicle, the car looks just as it did when it was purchased. We drove it approximately 30,000 miles and other than the routine maintenance items, it never required anything additional. It will be missed.

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