ProCharged 351 Time slips


I also have some 1/8 mile slips from the previous week, but these two are the most recent 1/4 mile slips. Mustang's car number was 754. Tires were 26x10 MT ET drags. Boost was set at 9-10 psi. Temperature was about 70F. Fuel was 93 octane pump. Initial base timing was set at 10 degrees and the Interceptor was used to advance WOT timing 4 degrees. Rear gears are 3.55.

My first pass of the night, shifts were made at 5800 and the car hit 5800 in third at about the 1100 ft mark, I left it on the rug and went through the traps with the shift light on and touching off the rev limiter. The car spins the 26x10 slicks through all of first gear, but it still manages a pretty good 60' time. We will need to switch to 3.27 gears to keep it pulling through the traps. No problems with detonation or otherwise.

After returning to the staging lanes and not being asked to leave yet for our lack of safety equipment, we decided to give it another shot. I used the interceptor to raise timing an additional 2 degrees, make a pass in the other lane, and try to go for the 10's. Unfortunately I ended up bumping the rev limiter in first and then short shifting third which didn't help the run out much. The track officials caught on after this pass and asked me to slow it down or leave, we were heading to the WFC (world ford challenge) at 5:00 the following morning so we decided to leave, not to mention we also managed to fail another mallory fuel pressure regulator in the process of this run (this is bad, it fills the entire engine with gas through the boost reference line in a matter of seconds). That is the second diaphragm in that mallory unit that we have failed so I have since replaced the FP regulator with an Aeromotive unit which works wonderful. I would not recommend the mallory unit to anyone with an EFI application.



Bob is car #7353 in the Left Lane. This is currently Bob's best MPH to date in 2000, although we expect that to change shortly.....;).