Finally went to our first ford event - Mustang Showdown II at Raceway Park, Old Bridge NJ. We took both the SC bird and Dad's TT. I ran in a generic "real street" class and Dad borrowed a set of BFG Drag Radials from Bob and hopped into the "heads up" DR Class. We had never run in any "heads up" class and Dad was looking forward to giving it a try, we expected to get our butt kicked early (which we did) but still had a great time.

My Tbird ran good for the conditions (warm and very humid) I ran 10.6s all day and went 3 rounds of elimination before living up to my new name - REDBULB MIKE!  I did manage to run my best MPH to date - 131.93. I also had a chance to weight the car after that pass, it's now 3485 with me in it - still a lead sled. The bird gatered some attention as usual, and I have already seen some photos that were taken at the event showing up on the web, good thing because I forgot to bring the camera...Bob did catch all of the passes on video though.

As soon as the track was ready to go for time trials we took dad's car out for a test pass logging data to see how close the tune was with the new 77lb/hr injectors. With 16 psi in the tires he spun the DR's hard in first and managed an 11.1 @ 129 MPH. A quick scan of the data revealed an A/F ratio in the low 11 range so I pulled about 1.5% fuel and let the car cool for the first qualifying run.

First qualifying run was almost identical to the first time trial, spun, lift, and ran 11.1 @ 130MPH. Crazy Joe was on a quick learning curve with the Drag Radials as well as trying to adjust to the 4 tenths "Pro Tree". The fastest car in the class ran high 9s @ over 140, we were off by a bit ;) On the return road, they ran Crazy across the scales, the TT Blue bomb weighed in at 3175 with Crazy Joe in it. While he was at the scale he was also informed by the person hosting the class, Dwayne Gutridge, ("Big Daddy" - owner of a 9.0 second Drag Radial Car who fortunately was hosting and not racing....) that the Blue Bomb was illegal for the Class, Twin Turbos were not allowed. We told them that no where in the advertisements was it made known that this was a NMRA drag radial race, and if it was that big of a deal that the tech inspector should have picked it up. Dwayne checked over dad's car and after commenting on how cool of a setup it was, and discussing it with the other racers, they said we could run with if we increase the weight up to 3200 lbs... No problem, threw a spare tire in the back, Checked the data from the previous pass (now 11.5 A/F - safe) and headed down to the second qualifying pass.

I dropped the rear tire pressure to 11 psi, dad heated them well and he finally remembered to short shift second gear BEFORE the boost hit....ran a 10.5 @ 134MPH - now that's more like it! CJ qualified like 4th or 5th place and went back to wait for eliminations, crossing the scale this time he weighed in at 3208 lbs, perfect!

Unfortunately, for the first round of eliminations crazy was paired with a 9.9 second quialified car. The race was on and Dad backed it up with a 10.50 @ 133 MPH, his opponent, Bob McDonald, went 10.1 @ over 140 MPH.

Dad was on the trailer, but grinning the whole way, they got him on the "heads up" thing -  hook, line, and sinker. He's already vowed to build a single turbo car for next year if they won't continue to let him run the current car. I intend at contact the NMRA concerning the use of Dad's TT car, it meets all of the other requirements, and the class allows the INCON twin turbo systems to be used. Dad's turbos are much smaller than the units equipped on the INCON systems, so I don't see why it should be a huge issue. The single turbos are allowed to have 3" (77mm) wheel inducer diameter, which is a 30% increased flow area compared to the two little 1.83" diameter T-3 turbos we run now.

Wild Bill Devine showed up with his turbo mustang for the "Anything goes" heads up race. That car just flat out hauls........

We were parked in the area where about half of the Drag Radial racers were either beside or across from us. All of these guys know each other and basically hung out with us there for most of the day, it's really a great group of enthusiasts and we look forward to racing with them again in the future.


Had a great day at Englishtown yesterday, it was MM&FF's 14th annual Fords
at Englishtown. Unfortunatly Dad and I both went out first round, Dad ran
over, I redlighted (no surprise eh?), but the cars ran great.

The SC bird was finally faster than the TT mustang - for about an hour. I
now have a new best time of 10.316 @ 131.57 (see timeslips). All of
the improvement was a result of tweaking the acceleration circuit and adding
a couple more degrees of timing at Launch RPM. I was hoping it would be
cooler than it was (about 80), but I'm sure it will be during the next race
in November.

Dad quickly retaliated during the next run and ran a 10.24 @ 131. Not sure
why The MPH's seemed low, but might have been due to the headwind that we
were running against. Both of my other two passes were only ~128 MPH, but
the ET's were pretty much the same (10.375 and a 10.405).

The cars got alot of attention and the bird hung nice wheel stands on all
passes. Steve from MM&FF stopped by and took a couple shots
of both car as well as asked a bunch of questions, maybe the cars will show
up in the pages again.

Amount of lightning trucks at the track is unreal!  Had to be at least 15 of
them in the class that we were running in, virtually all of them running in
the 12's, and a couple in the 11's.


Bill Devine's Super Stallion Bash was a blast. Originally I thought that it would be nothing more than a single mustang class, it consisted of the following classes:

Super Stallion vs. Buick GN
Heads up Drag Radial Class
Mustang Bracket

They also ran the usual Sunday classes along with a Ultra Quick 8 Class (low 7 sec street cars).

Much to our dismay the track decided to limit all events to the 1/8 mile due to high cross winds Sunday morning. Unfortunately by the time that time trial began most of the winds had diminished but the decision to run only the 1/8 was made.

Crazy Joe, Bob Evanish, Bob Stuart and I attended, Dad and I ran the Mustang Bracket class, changes to the cars were as follows:

Dad's TT - added bleeder valve, opened slightly out original intent was to increase boost to 18 psi in an attempt to reach the 9's. I also added 15% additional fuel to the top end to account for the additional boost pressure.

SCTC - Installed 1.75" long tube headers, a job I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, but I managed to finish it up prior to Sunday so we were looking for improvements. I didn't change any of the tune for the addition of the headers, didn't have time to check A/F etc, I just ran the car.

First Pass

60  1.566
330  4.326
1/8  6.660
MPH  104.59

SCTC (me)
60  1.489
330  4.243
1/8  6.561
MPH  105.64

Well, it was a start, clearly my fastest pass to date, but better yet....faster than dad. We all ran over to rub it in but Crazy Joe simply replied that he wasn't into it yet, he said it got squirrelly so he lifted, we'll see.

Pass 2

60  1.509
330  4.188
1/8  6.419
MPH  110.36

60  1.485
330  4.227
1/8  6.539
MPH  106.40 maybe he didn't have it opened up on the first pass, looks like that one should have possibly bumped the 9's if he could have ran it all of the way out. Crazy said that as far as he could tell it was still running 15 psi of boost, but he also added that he doubts that he could tell from the gauge if the boost only changes by one psi or so. From the MPH that he gained, I'd guess that we raised it by about 1 psi. The SCTC also picked up again as well, I shifted slightly higher, about 6400-6500 on that pass because it just seemed to keep pulling, apparently it was pulling. Unfortunately we only got 2 time trials, I wanted to crank the valve on CJ's bleeder a little more, but in an attempt to have a chance during eliminations, we left both cars along.


Pass 1

Crazy Joe and I went up to the staging lanes with me following him in the same lane. This is what we normally do so that we don't have to worry about running each other. Just as our luck would be - no one pulled up beside us so they made us run each other:

Dial  6.40
R/T  0.605
60  1.530
330  4.163
1/8  6.407
MPH  109.34

Dial  6.52
R/T  0.700
60  1.476
330  4.216
1/8  6.525
MPH  106.11

Both our lights sucked bad, by CJ treed me by 0.1, enough to give him the win light and put me on the trailer with no problem. Crazy Joe proceeded to win the next 5 rounds running right at about 6.45 until the last pass which just happened to be the Semi-Finals. We had raised CJ's dial slightly to a  6.44 because without any cool down time between rounds we though it would slow slightly.

Pass 6 - eliminations

Dial  6.44
R/T  0.568
60  1.460
330  4.112
1/8  6.357
MPH  109.60

Guess he got a little heavy on the converter this pass, I'm still pretty amazed with that 60' due to that fact that this is a foot brake turbo car (no trans brake). I'm not sure yet what that 1/8 mile time converts to in 1/4 mile, but if we manage to get the car out one more time, I will get that boost up to 18 psi and see what this thing is capable of. Seems like running well into the 9's will not be an issue.

Till next time,

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