A place I used to call Home

ARW Inc. - Engine balancing using the latest digital equipment and engine assembly.

Brent's Turbo LX - Little JY turbos not enough for your appetite? This should stop your craving!

Bryan's Page - Check out his TT 302 Fairmont (click Project MontZilla) and 11 second Mustang.

Darren's Webpage - Very cool looking site with plenty of cars, including a 78 Twin Turbo Zephyr Project!

Eric's Page - Now this guy has some cars, unfortunately not many are fords.

Fletch's Mustang Page - Lots of helpful tech here for the carb'd 5.0 folk.

JD's Performance - Performance Parts at prices even I can afford! DON'T MISS this site, you won't get deals like this anywhere else!!!

Ken and Gordy's 10 second VW Bug

Paul's Turbocharged Garage - 1969 mustang project and GREAT OEM fuel injector listing.

Penn State Formula SAE   - Lots of work, and lots of fun.

REBEL RACING - Steve Critchlow's "TRUE STREET" Mustang Page.

Steve's Page - One of those MOPAR guys with a nice Cuda.

Todd's Twin Turbo Mustang - Two turbos, a small block ford, and a carb?  I smell HP brewing!

Trever's Page - Visit a fellow motor head's page and see the Twin Turbo 460 Fairmont.

True Budget Mustang - Swapping a 4 to an 8 - on a budget.

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