Friends and Family Cars

 Below are some pictures and specs of some cars which belong to
family and friends

My daughter Delfina,
Trever Cornwell's 1987 Buick GN and  my wife's 1993 SHO.

My 87 Turbo Coupe Daily Driver

    Dad's car, more affectionately referred to as the "Blue Bomb". The first year we started getting serious into drag racing, my Dad and I would run this car in two classes on the same day. He would run heavy, and I would run in the street class. While by no means a looker, it is capable of getting the job done, it is originally a 1979 4cyl  Mustang,  now powered by a basically stock 1970 4V 351C / C-4 combination.  It has run a best pass of 12.49 @ 111 MPH.

This car belongs to Bob Evanish ("Lunatic").
It is an 89 LX powered by an EFI 351W / C-4 combination and has run a best pass of 12.89 @ 107 MPH.

HEY, Who let those old guys out here!!
That's my Dad and Bob. They must be working on the game plan to mop up the rest of the field. (cough, yea right)

Now here is a kick butt budget ride.
This is actually the car I owned previous to the twin turbo bird. This car now belongs to Bob Janovich ("frack")
and is a 1980 mustang powered by a 302/C-4 power train. It has run a best pass (currently that I know of) of  12.54 @ 107 MPH.
This is a stock 88 truck block and internals, a flat tappet solid cam, and running a set of 1966 289 heads w/stock valves.
It is known for a brutal launch that rips the two front tires off the ground and sends the nose a couple of feet in the air.

The twin turbo bird about to have it out with it's predecessor.
The mustang (1.5x 60 ft times) would kill the bird (1.7x 60 ft) out of the hole, but from the 330 on, the bird would be gone.