Some Other Cool Cars

These shots were taken during the 1998 Formula SAE competition in Pontiac, MI.

 The all aluminum Boss 429 (OK, so it's a little bigger) built by Ford and Roush Racing

Hey Matt, smile and say "HORSEPOWER"

Now where am I going to fit those turbos, hmmm, move that coolant can, a little cutting/welding
on that intake, I think we've got it!!!!

I think I may have to build one of these someday, Gotta love big blocks.

This could be a fun race, my money is still on the BOSS though.

These shots were taken during the 1997 Formula SAE Competition Pontiac, MI.

PENN STATE's 1997 Formula SAE entry

OK, so maybe I'm a little biased on this one, hey I'm allowed to be, I helped build it.

Making the necessary preparations for the next event. I was one of  the 2 drivers for the acceleration event (no surprise there) during the
1997 competition and was lucky enough to make the fastest accel pass of the 1997 event.

Hanging a turn in Penn State's #10.
These cars are truly a blast to drive, 80 turbocharged, intercooled, methanol injected horsepower in a 450 pound car is one sweet combination.
If you like cars and attend a school which has a Formula SAE team, sign up and get involved, it is a great learning experience.

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