An AEM Programmable Engine Management System (EMS) has been installed!

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The Powerplant!!

After our first experience with heads up racing, we decided that we wanted to have a car meeting class rules in order to compete. The initial thought was to convert Crazy Joe's twin turbo car to a single turbo in order to meet the rules of most mustang classes, but after much though about the fact that CJ's car is a really fun ride, the decision was made to build an entire new car, unfortunatly time was not sufficient for this undertaking so we ended up converted the T-bird.

Just so you know who we're referring to as this car progresses, here is a shot of the crew responsible for wrenching on the car (scary eh?) with the exception of Crazy Joe who wasn't around for the picture. This photo taken by my wife during the first night this project started. From the left is Bob Stuart, in front of him is his son Matt, in the back is my "little" brother Dave, then Chris Suhocki, and finally myself on the right.

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