Dad's 351W Twin Turbo
(Crazy Joe's Budget 351W Twin Turbo, Intercooled, EFI Mustang)
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Wrenchfest 2000!
(work done Thursday 5/4/00)

Occurred over the weekend of May 4-8,  Dad was out for these days and we worked almost straight through to make some big progress on his's almost done!

That's Dad and Jim Sheren on Thursday night getting ready to weld the intercooler together, The core as stated earlier was purchased without tanks so that we could fabricate a custom intercooler specifically for CJ's twin turbo ride.

Part of the intercooler tank construction was the inlets and outlet. We decided on a single 3" outlet for the top and two 2.5" inlets at the bottom tank. The inlets, shown above, were welded to the plate, then turned on a lathe and finally radiused with a die grinder to assure maximum possible flow.

A similar assembly process was used for the 3" outlet in the top tank. That's Jim and Dad welding the end tank on.

Ahhh, the finished product, I feel cooler already :).
If you are in the need for a custom intercooler for your supercharger / turbo application, feel free to drop me an email, (put intercooler in the subject line) I'm sure Jim Sheren is someone who could help you out. While a custom intercooler is not necessarily a "budget" addition to a turbo system, virtually any - core size / tank / inlet / outlet - configuration is possible and the performance increase is well worth the money, even on a JY ride.

As seen by the ray of satisfaction beaming from their smiling faces, we were all extremely happy with the way this cooler finished up. As a matter of fact I think we finished working on it by 10 PM that night, but still stood there for another hour or so drooling over it ;). Personally I think it looks even better now that it's installed in the car, but that's a different update!!!!

(work done remainder of weekend)

Friday night began with the task of wiring up the TEC II controller on dad's car. After using this system on both Trever's and my car, I'd have to say I'm hooked, the ease of tuning, installation and cost is tough to beat. First thing that had to be done was to mount the control unit, for this application I decided to build a small bracket and weld it to the valve cover. The next step is to install all of the sensors / injectors in the engine and run the wires over to the close proximity of the TEC-II box.

These are the location that the wires are connected to the TEC-II, there are three plugs; one for the inputs, one for the outputs, and one for the injectors. The photo on the left shows the connections to be made into the TEC-II input plug and the right side photo is of the injector connections make to injector plug. The long green plug shown in the right side photo, below the injector plug, is the outputs from the TEC-II. We pretty much finished the wiring job friday evening with the exception of running out of electrical tape at about 11:30 PM.

Saturday morning brought several tasks with it; buy electrical tape - oil - filter - thermostat - various other odds and ends, extract the 3 broken bolts from the passengers side turbo exhaust housing, cut turbo oil supply / return lines to the proper length and install hose ends, and machine 0.100" from crank trigger mount to obtain correct alignment. We managed to get all that, and hit the local car show, done by noon. We also had to modify the core support and hood as well as lower the radiator to fit the intercooler outlet pipe on the car.

Here are a couple shots detailing the turbo oil supply lines. They are fed from oil pressure port normally used for the oil pressure sending unit. Also seen in these pictures is the turbine outlet elbow flanges which have been cut off, 3" exhaust pipe will be welded directly to these pieces and run back under the headers to the rear of the car.

Now it's starting to shape up, on sunday we started work with  mounting of the intercooler, it is held to the core support with two small links. The next step was to fab the intercooler outlet pipe up to the throttle body, it is constructed of 3" steel pipe with a step to 4" in order to connect with the GM throttle body.

The hood was then put in place to verify that it would close, Dad wasn't concerned about cutting a hole in the hood, but I was. I wanted to try to maintaining the sleeper image if possible, and so far it has been accomplished. The only clue that something might be different about this ride is the hood pins now necessary to keep it closed, other than that nothing is visible. The photo on the right shows the completed  pressurized intake system.

Well this is where it was at by Sunday night, Dad still worked on it all day Monday and managed to get the plug wires made and installed. He also managed to put the front fascia back on and install the hood pins. Next step is to get the gas tank, fuel lines, and battery installed in the rear and we'll be ready to fire it up and get it to the track.......


Well, it's together and running, but just can't seem to get it to the track. Tried about two weeks ago and ran into a snag, not enough fuel pump, car was going lean at about 4000 RPM with about 11 psi boost. We were attempting to use just a stock mustang in tank pump and an external mounted inline pump in parallel, so I figured the easiest fix would be to just replace the in tank pump with a bigger unit. I took a trip over to Auto Performance Engineering (APE) on the net and got a great Walbro 255 l/hr HP pump at a very low price with super fast service. If you're saying to yourself "Now that sounds like a plug for APE", you're right, it is, if you need an EFI pump, for pretty much any application, you're not gonna do better than this. I got the pump installed this morning and was hoping to get to the track this evening for some test and tune. Unfortunately, it's Super Chevy Weekend at the track up here and they said it was chevy test and tune only tonight. I told them I don't mind, what's one little ford amongst all those big chevys, they said I still couldn't run.......bummmer....maybe Wednesday.

Hang in there, we'll have time slips soon!!!


Ooops, forgot to post a couple pictures that I told a couple people that I would, the exhaust down tubes.

Here you can see the basic construction of the down tubes, they are fabricated from 3" mandrel bends and welded to the cast iron T03 exhaust outlets with the elbow cut off. On the outlet side of the tubes a 3 bolt header flange has been welded on to allow for connection to the remainder of the exhaust system.

These shots hopefully can give you an idea of the routing of these exhaust pipes, they basically travel to the underside of the car by passing under the flipped shorty header.

Just a couple more shots of the tubes, the O2 sensor bungs (currently blocked by a spark plug) can be seen here as well.

Jeez, nothing really pretty about the outward appearance of that blue bomb, eh? Crazy Joe seems to like it though, most people laugh, point or stare funny at it when it arrives at the track......that is, until it makes a pass ;)......

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