Dad's 351W Twin Turbo
(Crazy Joe's Budget 351W Twin Turbo, Intercooled, EFI Mustang)
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Crazy Joe's TT 351 will be running a set of box stock iron GT-40 heads, in these photos you can see a quick comparison between his unported heads and the GT-40s which are going on my SCTC. We intend to port these heads in the future, but right now the aim is to get the car running for this season which does not allow us the time for additional tasks such as porting.

If this lower intake looks familiar, it should, it's basically a re-creation of the lower on the SCTC, but with unported runners. If you are looking for more details on the work involved in making this piece, look at the SCTC lower intake.


Here are a couple shots of the headers for the turbos while we were fabbing them together. We (Gordy and I) managed to hang both turbos using 2.25" pipe bends in just one evening. This setup is a little different from the capri in the fact that both compressors will be facing the fender wells and both exhaust outlets will be inboard. This is similar to how Bryan did his fairmont except we intend to cut off both turbine discharge elbows and weld 3" steel elbows directly to them. This will allow us to fabricate pipes with the proper flanges to connect the turbo outlet directly to a stock H-pipe and maintain a exhaust pipe diameter of 2.5" the entire distance.

Here is a quick top view of the turbo installation as well as some of the upper intake manifold pieces being held in place to get a better idea of how it will all fit together. The intercooler will be front mounted and feed the throttle body from up and over the radiator. This pictures was taken at the end of January and since then the upper manifold is about 85% completed, both turbos have been disassembled - cleaned - inspected - and given a clean bill of health, the DFI, injectors, and sensors have been procured and the headers have been finished. Basically all we need now is for the intercooler core to get here and some time to assemble the whole mess.........

Here are the completed headers to be used on Dad's car. They are a set of 1.5" unequal length shorties with the head attachment holes modified for upside-down installation and the outlet flanges removed. I really liked the way Bryan's Fairmont headers worked out by removing the connection that the TT Capri had and figured we'd go that route on this car.


We're making progress, above are a couple shots of the upper intake for CJ's TT mustang. Basically it just needs to have the ends welded on, a couple fittings installed for various sensors and it will be ready to be bolted on.

On the left is the plate which will be welded to the front of the intake to hold the throttle body, and on the right is the throttle body we will be using for this application. It is a throttle body from an LS-1 truck engine, measures just a tad under 75 mm, and is outfitted with integral idle air bypass motor which makes for easy hookup to the TEC-II DFI system.


Dad's intercooler core finally showed up....not like I was in a hurry because I have plenty of other things to do before I get to working on it, but it was nice to finally get a good look at it. It is an air - air core which measures 25" wide, 10" high, and 3.25" thick, it should be well up to the task of putting a pretty serious chill on the boost before it enters this 351W. Current plans call for a front mount with two 2" inlets and one 3" outlet.

If you've been having trouble sleeping at night lately wondering what CJ's upper intake would end up looking like, you should sleep well is just about completed. In these two shots you can get a basic idea of how it finished up as well it's size. Since the photos were taken I have added a couple fitting to it for PCV and power brakes and still have to fab a bracket for the throttle cable. One the intake is done we'll get after the fuel system and DFI wiring. Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to hear this TT run!


Wow, May already, time flies when you have 3 too many projects going on. I've been slowly making progress on this car but that's about to change, dad is going to be out for the weekend so hopefully by Sunday we'll have the chance to hear this TT fire up. Shown in the pictures above is the completed fuel system, we are running a 8AN supply which tees off into two 6AN's before feeding the fuel rails from both ends. From there the fuel travels through the stock FP regulator to a 6AN return to the tank.

In the photo on the left is a finished turbo, I still have to assemble the other turbo and bolt it on but that's a relatively simple task in the scope of things. We hope to finish the intercooler on Thursday night and then spend the remainder of the weekend getting it installed, finishing the wiring to the TEC II and any other remaining tasks. The photo on the right shows the installed location of the TEC-II engine control system. I've had several people request a write up on the TEC II install, I intend to take photos as the installation occurs on this car, but will not have time to do the write up till a later just hang in there!

Here if you look closely you'll see all of the sensors installed as well as the pigtails hanging off them, they just need to be connected to the engine controller. The oil pump drive (distributor replacement) can be seen as well. Just as on the SCTC, I used an old 351W distributor to make the pump drive, but went one step further to reduce it's size slightly more. I feel I probably could have taken even more off of it, but it was not interfering with anything at this point so I decided to leave it alone. Hopefully I'll be back next week with another update of the intercooler buildup and installation, and maybe even news that the car is running!

Stay Tuned, Plenty More to Follow!!!

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