A Very Sad Day

 Here are some shots of my 85 TT351W Turbo Coupe after it's demise.

This is what it looked like the day of the accident, this picture was taken less than 1 hour after it had got hit.
It actually dosen't look too bad in this shot but the gap in the trunk on this side was over 1" wide and the back top of the
drivers side door would remain open about 2 inches.

The following photos are the most recent, taken about 1 year after the wreck.

 That's Trever, doing some of the light work.

We attempted to remove any salvageable part from the car before we had it hauled away,
I firmly believe that we have succeeded.

Finally the Sunday morning that they hauled it away.
This was the longest I had ever owned a car, Nov 1988-April 98.

Unfortunately this is all I have left.

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