Budget Twin Turbo T-bird

                                                       Photos by Dave and Brad

 This is what the car sounded like during this burnout.

   I built this car during the spring/summer of 1995 between my sophomore and junior years of college. Due to complete lack of money, I wanted to build the cheapest, fastest, car possible with the parts and little money I had available. This combination was one which I had been considering and saving parts for in my Dad's garage. I finally decided it was time to make it happen. For the measly cost of $600 I had the car running 12.60's @ 111 MPH at 10 psi boost. This $600 figure included purchasing the motor and trans, and everything which was required to swap out the 2.3 turbo for this twin turbo 351W. Adding another $300 in transmission parts (converter) to the cost the following year for a total of $900 the car was running 11.80's @ 117 MPH at 12 psi on 28x9x15 slicks and 3.08 gears. Best time on street radials, (225/55/16 BFGoodrich Comp TA-ZRs) was a 12.16 @ 117 MPH with a full tank of gas, 18 psi in the tires, and 2 small block ford heads and a floor jack in the trunk for ballast.  Presently the motor resides in an 83 Mercury Capri as the T-Bird was hit in front of my house in July 1997. The Capri, thanks to it's lighter body has managed an 11.50 @ 118.6 MPH using 10 psi boost, 3.08 gears, and 26x8x15 slicks.

Just your average Carb'd Twin Turbo 351W

Would you expect this innocent looking car loaded with 4-200+ lb guys to embarrass a new
Supra Turbo or Dodge Viper?   It can...and has....with ease.

 Virtually all parts on this setup were from junkyards, and this system can be duplicated rather easily, but it is quite time consuming. The list of parts I used for the original build are as follows:
1972 351W short block, all stock, new rings and bearings.
Oil pan and pickup from a 351W Crown Vic.
1985 351W cylinder heads, stock valves, light home porting job (produces 8.0 to 1 CR.).
2 - Garret TO3s from 85-86 5-speed Tbird TCs, if using 302 short block use turbos from automatic TCs.
Ford motorsport camshaft  (214/224 @ .050" duration 487/496" lift)
Holly 600 modified for mechanical secondaries, any double pumper is fine.
K/N carb bonnet/plenum PART # 85-1060. (most expensive part on engine, $99)
Performer intake manifold, or whatever is free or cheap.
Stock mustang shorty headers, flipped upside-down and elongate bolt holes to align with exhaust port.
1970 C-4 transmission/converter, all stock with shift kit.
Homemade solid motor mounts.
Mechanical fuel pump, modified for boost reference.
A pile of PVC pipe for intake piping.
Barb connection fuel injector for additional fuel under boost, and pressure switch.

 Sitting Sleepy

    The system uses two fuel pumps, one mechanical, boost referenced, pump supplies fuel to the carb, and the stock TC, high pressure, in tank fuel pump, supplies fuel to the injector for enrichment under boost. The additional injector supplies fuel at manifold pressures above 4 psi. The system currently does not have a charge cooler, but one will hopefully be installed this spring, the cooler is currently collecting dust under the workbench. Full boost is achieved by around 2400 RPM and shifts are made at about 4600-4800 RPM. Hopefully the new heads and headers currently being installed will allow operation up into the lower 5000 RPM range. The car utilizes a ford 7.5" rear with 3.08 gears which has held up for over 300 problem free 1/4 mile passes, about 100 of them in the 11's.

Just need a few more pounds of boost, ah that should do it.

Polluting Northeastern PA

Just out having some fun!

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