My 1987 Thunderbird TC

My 87 T-bird TC as it is today.

Specifications are as follows:

                1985 2.3 Turbo engine
                5 - Speed
                K/N Air Filter
                Modified Air Box
                Stock 87 Turbo (IHI)
                Stock 87 IC
                Ported Intake Manifold
                Big Valve Head
                ARP Head Stud Kit
                Ranger Roller Camshaft
                TRW Power Forged Pistons (.030 over)

     This currently is my daily driver. The motor is the original one out of my 85 Twin Turbo TC. It hasn't seen much track time since it was pulled out of the 85 but it has turned a best pass of 13.9 at 97 MPH while still in the 85 TC using the above listed parts but substituting a stock T-03 turbo and ford motorsport intercooler, adding a  Miller-Woods AIC and running about 25 psi boost.
    Current plans for the car are questionable. I will either rebuild the current motor, more porting possible, and install a larger turbo -or- possibly install a V-6 using two of the IHI turbochargers and front mounted intercoolers. As it looks right now, I am leaning toward the latter of the choices.


Had the TC back to the track a couple of times lately, here is the timeslip of my most recent and best pass since the motor has been installed in the 87 TC.

My 87 bird was Car # 551

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